how to build confidence & self-esteem to be unstoppable


Confidence really comes from constantly improving your skill, knowledge, or ability to do something to a point where you have proven evidence that you posses the skill, knowledge, or ability to be proficient in it. This article discusses the importance of confidence and self-esteem, and how you can build both.

how I built my confidence

As an example, you will not be confident in yourself if you constantly fail to keep the promises you make to yourself. Alternatively, if you consistently follow through on things you say you are going to do, then you will be confident that you can get things done and be productive. Confidence comes from having both competency and the required reps put into a certain skill to point where you feel like you can execute upon that skill at any given moment.

For me, my confidence came slowly -- I had to put in the reps into certain skillsets, such as business or sports, to where I had eventually proved to myself that I was proficient in those specific areas. That evidence-based proficiency I built eventually lead to bulletproof self-confidence.

building self-esteem

For me, I think the tiny "wins" build your self-esteem. You perception on your own worth and qualities comes from your ability to achieve small personal "wins" on a daily basis. If you constantly fail to keep promises you make to yourself, your self-esteem will more than likely vanish - making it extremely important to stay consistent with things you say you want, which builds both the relationship you have with yourself (self-esteem), and your overall confidence in your capabilities.

As example, if you are an athlete, starting the day off with a healthy breakfast is a small win, then going to train or workout is another small win, and then eating a healthy lunch to recover is another win, and so on. Eventually you start stacking these small "wins" to a point where you are constantly "winning" inside of your own life and mind. The mentality you build from doing this over the long term will not only make you extremely confident in yourself, but it will also make you feel like you have the qualities and worth to accomplish anything you want. You begin to get a sense of feeling "unstoppable" and having that perspective on yourself is both exhilarating and empowering.

the bottom line

Building confidence and self-esteem can take awhile - it's a slow process but one that is necessary to achieve greatness. It's important to keep the promises you make to yourself, because that builds personal trust.

As you improve as a player and focus on getting better each day, you will begin to stack undeniable evidence that you are a good player from the improved performances you put on - this build confidence in knowing that you can execute and perform since you've done a bunch of times before. Whatever it is you want to be more confident at, just start doing it more - it will be uncomfortable at first but after you do it 100x it won't be. If you want to be confident in games, then play more games, if you want to be more confident in your first touch, then do more first touch training, if you want to be more confident with your finishing, then do more finishing in your individual training sessions or in your team training sessions.

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