3 key qualities that you need to succeed in anything

Three of the most important qualities, skills, or areas of knowledge that will allow you to succeed in almost anything are focusing on improving everyday, being someone who never gives up, and focusing on becoming a person of value.

why you need to focus on improving

Firstly, when you focus on improving, you always have a reason to keep going -- because your goal is to improve rather than to just get a result or achieve a goal that you want. Improving is an endless pursuit to see how good you can actually become, so you even if you accomplish a big goal you will likely not stop because you want to keep improving -- which makes it way more sustainable on your motivation long term. The problem is when people only do someone for a result, reward, or outcome such as money, fame, accolades, etc.

Considering that you only have control over your life, you might as well be focused on things you can control rather than trying to control things you can't. You can definitely control improving yourself -- not just as an athlete or at your job, but also your personal self. You can not control if you get a raise at your job, if you make the team of the week, if you get offered a pro contract, etc. You should be focused on what you can control -- improving yourself, becoming the best version of yourself, building the right habits, etc. In other words, improving yourself is the main "input" that creates all of the results you could ever want. Additionally, you began to get a sense of mastery as you improve at something, and this is proven to increase your intrinsic motivation to continue doing it. This is powerful and should be used by everyone. (I named my brand "Nonstop Progress" for this reason) -- I believe in continuously growing and improving.

Also the secret to focusing on improving is that the results then become irrelevant. You just focus on improving when things are going great, and you continue to focus on improving when things are going bad -- good or bad, it doesn't matter...you just keep on improving through it all. 

why focusing on results is a big problem

There are a couple problems with people who solely focused on outcomes or results. The first problem comes when you accomplish the goal you want -- you will likely just quit now that you have achieved what you set out to achieve because you have now lost your reason to continue doing it. So you basically get complacent because now that you've gotten the results you want, you don't care to continue doing it anymore.

The second problem people run into when they focus too much on the results is when the result or outcome they want seems too hard -- they typically just give up because they begin to believe it's "not worth it" to continue since the only reason they would start is for the desired outcome. 

Hopefully this gives you a little bit more clarity as to why you need to focus on improving rather than becoming solely focused on just getting results, rewards, or outcomes.

become a person that never gives up

Secondly, being someone who never gives us is a given. The successful people are really just the ones who continued doing (whatever it is you do) one more time until they found success, or they just continued to go through the rejection and adversity until it eventually ended. The goal is to be a relentless and driven individual that can take rejection seamlessly, and continue to grow and learn from those rejections to build towards becoming the person necessary to succeed - this is why focusing on improving is so important. If you can do that, you can do almost anything you set your mind to (I am a living example of it)...

Obviously you have to be realistic too -- you won't get the job you want if you don't have the qualifications necessary to do it (no matter how many times you apply or for how long you try - for most people at least). So that leads me to my next point -- become a person of value.

becoming a person of value

A person of value is someone who actively looks to gain skillsets, learn new things, gain new ways of thinking, grow as a person, and have as many high-value relationships as possible. You become a person of value when you have skills that allow you to add value to other people. You can do this through many different ways -- asking a coach what areas you need to improve on so you can be seen as a more valuable player, asking your boss what more you can do at your work to hopefully be seen as more valuable to the company to then get a raise, etc. The foundational mindset of being open to learning and growing is a universal skillset that you need in order to become a person of value. It doesn't happen overnight, and it's a continuous process. When you start to meet new people, find ways to add value to them -- you'll be surprised how many of them become close to you and reciprocate that value back to you later on (even if it doesn't happen, you just got valuable reps in that can further improve your skillsets to become more valuable to the next person).

Being seen as valuable takes practice and requires experience. A professional coach is not going to see you as extremely valuable unless you have professional-level games where you have contributed consistently. If you are struggling with this, I recommend focusing on the foundational things that can make you more valuable in the field/skill you need to be seen as more valuable in. As an example, if you want to become a more valuable player, improve your technical ability, your athletic ability, your mindset, and improve your ability to execute your specific positional responsibilities in whichever position you play. I promise if you really think about this one, you will come up with hundreds of ways to increase your perceived value.

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